Solarization of roofs

Solar building builder

Solar energy self-finances your agricultural or industrial building project.

Equipping a building with a photovoltaic power plant allows you to generate an additional source of income by selling the energy produced.

We install metal frames renowned for their quality and robustness.

We do our utmost to guarantee you a solid and durable construction that meets your needs: surface, location, framework, orientation...

Parking photovoltaic carports

SSC accompanies you in your administrative procedures (town planning, ...)

Installing a photovoltaic power plant is highly regulated and is subject to numerous administrative procedures. These steps, long and tedious, are a hindrance for people wishing to install photovoltaic panels.
This is the reason why a solar building project takes about 12/18 months.
Smart Sustain Company takes care of the administrative procedures, from the building permit to the connection request, we ensure the filling of the necessary documents for the installation of your photovoltaic power plant.

The Building Permit is the first step for the construction of a solar building. This planning permission is issued by your town hall/prefecture and gives you the right to construct your building.
The building must comply with the PLU (Plan Local d'Urbanisme), which differs from one town to another. Once the building permit has been submitted to the town hall, the latter has a period of three months to respond to your request for a permit...

The connection request

The first step in the connection process, the connection request must be made by all energy producers wishing to connect to a single point on the public electricity transmission system. Connection requests are made to the electricity system operators. As with the building permit, you can expect a delay of about 3 months for your application to be processed.

Acceptance of work

The acceptance of work is the certification that guarantees the safety and proper functioning of your photovoltaic plant: it is a technical control and compliance of the installation of solar panels.

Assistance to the 1st billing

Our support in your administrative procedures ends with the first billing. We help you to write your invoice in order to send it to the organization which buys the electricity produced by your solar power plant, whether it is EDF OA or in certain regions, to local distribution boards. We help you measure how many kilowatts you have produced and sold. We remain at your entire disposal, either by telephone or via the Contact form.