Consulting for energy gains and decarbonization

SSC helps you develop your energy strategy, implement your comprehensive decarbonization roadmap, and achieve rapid energy gains.
Our experts help you define your goals and action plan for implementation.
Thanks to our multiple expertise, we build together your global decarbonization roadmap:

  • Understand and act on your emission sources to reach your objectives
  • Coordinate all actions site by site, maintaining an overview of all your sites.
  • e able to anticipate future projects in order to pool project costs (work, production stoppages, ....) and generate energy gains more quickly.

Consulting for energy gains and decarbonization

Specialized "environmental" labels

Various labels attest to the energy and carbon performance of new or renovated buildings.

The environmental labels are intended for all players in the service sector, public or private, whatever their size and whatever the type of building: offices, shops, warehouses.

The 3 main objectives of the ER 2020 are:

  • 1. The reduction of energy consumption, with a focus on energy sobriety and the decarbonization of energy, by gradually moving away from fossil fuels.

  • 2. Reducing the carbon impact of building construction.

  • 3. Ensure the cooling of buildings in case of high temperatures.

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