What is relamping?

Relamping is an operation that consists of renewing the interior and exterior lighting of common areas of buildings to achieve energy savings.
It is a process of modernizing the lighting system.

This operation offers many advantages, especially for companies:

  • A reduction in power consumption and maintenance costs.
  • Better lighting quality.
  • More ecological lighting fixtures.

An eco-responsible approach!

Fifteen years ago, lighting represented 19% of the world's electricity production, and emitted 1,900 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO?), a greenhouse gas generator.
While energy-guzzling bulbs have definitely disappeared from the shelves, they are still present in many homes, condominiums and businesses.

Energy savings

Lighting represents on average 15% of the electricity bill of households, and up to 40% of that of businesses.

The audit of the premises

Relamping begins with an inventory of all interior and exterior lighting equipment (location, energy performance, etc.). It also requires a study of the existing electrical installations. This preliminary examination makes it possible to determine precisely the lighting needs of the users and it is an essential stage for the installation of an adequate and optimized solution.

Installation of lighting fixtures and recycling

The relamping ensures the renewal of the lighting park, without modifying the electrical infrastructure.
This operation is more profitable in a preventive framework. The replacement of the bulbs in their entirety makes it possible to reduce and optimize the costs, by profiting from more advantageous prices.