Solarization of roofs


Installing photovoltaic panels on the roof of a building is always a profitable option, generating income in the case of resale of electricity on the grid, or substantial energy savings in the case of self-consumption. SSC takes charge of any project for which the surface to be covered is superior or equal to 50 m².

Solar installation expertise
Electricity self-consumption


Self-consumption with resale of the surplus: you consume the electricity supplied by your panels and resell the possible surplus.

Electricity self-consumption

Resale of the electricity

The total resale, all the electricity produced by your photovoltaic panels is resold either to EDF or to another electricity supplier.

Resale of the electricity
Agricultural building

Building financed with a fund

The financing of an agricultural building or a warehouse includes the construction of the foundations, the acquisition and construction of the steel structure and the roofing in lacquered sheet metal, and the installation of the photovoltaic roofing system. Other earthworks are not included.
A third-party investor finances the construction of the building on your land. You alone will have the use of it via an emphyteutic lease respecting the provisions of articles L 451-1 to L 451-13 of the French Rural Code. The building remains the property of the third-party investor during the entirety of the lease in order to allow the latter to repay the investment with the electricity sold.

Agricultural building

You alone have full use of it.
During the whole lease period, the building is maintained by the third-party investor. At the end of the lease, you retain all of the building and improvements made by SSC, which become your property, without compensation or reimbursement and without a deed of transfer.

  • Your roof can be rented by a third party investor who will pay the installation costs.
  • The installation of solar panels involves respecting particular installation criteria to optimize the production of electricity.
  • Bottom view of the interior of a stand-alone outdoor solar panel system with a team of engineers working on a high steel platform.
  • High Reliability 6000 Pa snow load and 4000 Pa wind load, extended warranty, 20 year performance and power warranty, IP65 protection degree ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 14064, ISO 45001 certification.